physical releases

An unjustifiably high number of records produced to date by various organizations and forces have gone entirely without release thus far in their existence. Despite being pressed and despite their deep historical significance, these records have never been disseminated to a wider public.

We refer of course, to the planetary records of stone and rock. In some cases these records have gone billions of years from their original pressing to their present non-disseminated state. It is true that the geologic forces that press these records also release these records, but always sporadically, either in exceeding slow and limited releases through processes of attrition or in abrupt and massive releases though volcanic or similarly violent processes.

Through this imprint of the Fake Music record label, we intend to release selections from this vast catalog of litho-records in a regular and controlled fashion. Given the practical illimitability of potential releases, for the time being we will focus specifically on releasing limestone records. A selection informed in part by the mid 20th century theory that explains ghosts as the playback of recordings made in physical materials, such as limestone; in part by the historical significance of limestone to the Chicago area where the present imprint is currently based; and in part by limestone’s relative ease of dissolution in acidic solutions.

The program for releases is as such: A stone will be submerged in an acidic solution, thereby releasing it into the immediate atmosphere. Specific locations of releases will vary, but will generally occur outside so as to disseminate the record to a wider public. These records once released cannot be owned as they will be dispersed as gasses and subject to weather patterns.

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Willy Smart has contributed a catalog essay which may be found here.

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