Greek Life - Complete Anthology


Fake Music presents the first authorized complete anthology of the performance practice of Greek Life to date -- from Greek Life I to Greek Life XIV.

Greek Life is "an all request band but not a cover band except sometimes." Headed by known olympia social practitioner Lewis Peterson (of Kevlar Klein) and supplemented by performance-specific selections of back-up musicians, Greek Life enacts a subliminal karaoke, remembers songs we haven't written and never will but almost might have, and charts the amorphous vicissitudes of Lewis' olympia social field through several years to his departure heralded by this release. Audience members request songs and Lewis provides.

Greek Cow (Greek Life I)
Cage Free Sun (Greek Life XII)
Relaxing with Sonic (Greek Life VI)

each box set includes:

Greek Life I

  1. Set Up / Resurrection
  2. Fun Party
  3. Plato Beer-Cozy
  4. Spanakopita and Dionysus
  5. Heraclitus/Sophocles/Alexander the Great
  6. Greek Cow
  7. I Don't Know

Greek Life II

  1. Philosoman Party
  2. Poseidon's Fork
  3. Release the Kraken
  4. Crocodile Dundee
  5. Boy I Want to Frame That Ass and Put It in a Musuem
  6. Don't Put Feta Cheese on my Gyro

Greek Life III

  1. Go Cat Go
  2. Captain of Her Heart
  3. Trainwreck Motherfucker
  4. Kimmy Left Her Light On

Greek Life IV

  1. Bari Refuto Omimum Haresium
  2. Crawdad Enlightenment
  3. Who Let the Dogs Out by The Baha Men by Greek Life 4
  4. Who Let the Dogs Out by The Baha Men by Greek life 4 (reprise)
  5. Aphrodite's Pillowcase
  6. Alien Menstruation
  7. Purple Rain by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. Jumping on the Bed with Socks on your Ears
  9. Tonka: The Last Song

Greek Life V

  1. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
  2. Hoogie Boogie Man
  3. If I Could Change the World (Black and Yellow Edition)
  4. Shotgun Wedding
  5. Jagged Little Pill
  6. No More I-Love-You's
  7. I Love Public School
  8. Friends Theme Song
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers
  10. Democracy Rock With Me

Greek Life VI

  1. Monday Morning Craigslist
  2. Walking in Memphis
  3. Super Bass
  4. Roundabout Justice (in the Kitchen)
  5. Best I Ever Had
  6. Relaxing with Sonic

Greek Life VII

  1. Wiggley Field
  2. Mother-in-law
  3. Fettuccine Must've Been Pretty Afraido
  4. Star Wars in Africa
  5. Star Wars in Australia
  6. Butt
  7. Drunk Bear
  8. Pink Roid
  9. Ten Weird Faces
  10. Bear-skin Nug
  11. 2-pack Sugar
  12. Making Something Normally Sad Really Funny
  13. America (Failed Comedy Tour)
  14. Take One for the Chode

Greek Life VIII

  1. Chicken Hat Fungus
  2. Big Fight in San Francisco Woods
  3. Marsh Banana Twins (Sweaty Teenager Foot Song)
  4. Best Wig Ever

Greek Life IX

  1. Baby Rides the Short Bus (Cultural Appropriation)
  2. Father Sex
  3. Twilight in Mongolia
  4. The OZ Factor
  5. Sarcasm Orgasm
  6. Baby's in the Back
  7. Brand New Moonboots

Greek Life X

  1. Mountain Dew Ice Cream
  2. The Cat Named Gomez
  3. Digging In My Tight Pants
  4. No Bagel
  5. Kevin Started Smoking Again
  6. Bag Rat
  7. Tony's Dad
  8. Jump My Car
  9. Greek Life X1

Greek Life XI

  1. Divorce Proceedings of Erica and Lewis LePetershon

Greek Life XII

  1. Tell Me Something Good
  2. The Letter D
  3. Free Rideshare to Anywhere
  4. Gotta Keep Drinking
  5. Cage Free Sun
  6. Rhubarb Mamacita
  7. This Soup Is Really Hot
  8. Dice Game
  9. I Woke Up Tomorrow (Impacted Colin Powell's Carl Sagan)
  10. Doot Doot Doot Da Doot Da
  11. The Beatles Won

Greek Life XIII

  1. Three Pigs (Dancing Together in a Lake)
  2. Travis' Freaky Nasty Chalice of Chastity
  3. Madlibs
  4. A Tiger Ate My Face
  5. The T-shirt I'm Wearing (Greek Life)

Greek Life XIV

  1. Intro
  2. Aurora Borealis/Reid Urban/Diner
  3. Knock Knock Joke Where No One Is Home
  4. Cat Bird
  5. Running from the Police as Exercise
  6. September 11th/ Farting / The Holocaust
  7. Doritos Tacos
  8. Universally Funny Things
  9. Arguing with John
  10. Make Fun of Kenney
  11. Make Fun of Trina
  12. Self-Deprecating Humor
  13. Smell This Cheese
  14. More Feedback

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